Kill Your Ghosts

by Trend Kill Ghosts

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Prelude 01:30
Like Animals 04:48
We live our life like animals fighting for territories destroying all around selling masks and building walls burning the society and living a selfish life Pré bombs on our world unleash the third war all minds drowned in blood evil rises on a cold heart Refrão we can control our minds we just need to open our eyes we can control our hearts we have the power for don't live our lifes like animals verso2 the evil rises and the masks fall hatred soldiers guilting innocents killing people like in the dark ages spreading fear like a black plague Pré 2 the crown show his power get down on your knees the sword is the law brave will die weaks will obey refrão we can control our minds we just need open our eyes we can control our hearts we have the power for don't live our lifes like animals
Fight 05:15
every day we have a battle to win every day we have a lion to kill sometimes we're tired but we have to be strongs cause to realize our dreams we have to broke some stones beware with the envy around you (we don´t know what to do) beware with the halo who choose you (no matter what happens we are hopefull) The time is running out like dust against the wind we have so many things to bild, to break free our lives It's like push a stone to the top of the mountain Fight to survive to raise your life! Through our sacrifices we conquer our destiny step by step on our stairway to heaven the gates of promised land are open and we need to believe in the power of our dreams
Living a Lie 05:22
We judge the others' choices to be different of us. We can not handle the differences And see where we have come, a war between brothers This is not salvation,it's just destruction. Let's knock them down, Together we will make a revolution Hell on earth and the paradise falls lying to us and we are the clows black widows love that slaughter your feeling the false news is spreaded on the web This has to stop, the throne is ours Together we will make a revolution refrão opção 2 We cannot live in discussions and fights believe in be the best and living a lie our darkest side is full of fear and doubts we are tires of it all and we don't wanna live a lie anymore living a lie let's knock them down living a lie living a lie revolution
Deceivers 06:36
Inferno Deus Amem believers pray in the house of the lord showing to people how good they are giving to heaven your good thoughts dumping fear and hate in the outdoor and the book that you read was written by human being and this voices in your head don't let you be a better man no, don't listen to all the rules 'cause they are not the true rise against all the deceivers they just wanna to steal your soul they come to us with fake smiles promising heaven but sending us to hell they sell hope for angels without wings and the demons laugh out loud with their games and the laws that you learn was writen by a human being and this god that you pray have shame of what you do or say
Ghost's Revolution hey brothers we're back for you we are the ghosts that brings metal and true we believe in destiny to create our dreams we ride through the time to find our way now is time to arise make magic and let it shine hear this words and set your mind ghosts will rise from the deep of our hearts ghosts revolution music bring a meaning in life Ghosts be prepared for our sign hey brothers prepare your minds our song is heavy let's bang our heads we don't wanna be rich and famous this dream is a lie we just wanna walk on highway to paradise
promise your eyes and lips tell nothing about you but I feel the darkness coming from you That show me your shady past full of shadows fear and tears something strange is on the air A taste of poison sadness emotion Feeling the death touch my skin what do you want? just more loneliness what do you want eternal darkness When you will to stop with this insane love we will continue one hour one year I don't understand what's passing on my mind is a enternaly insanity thinking about this rotten world things that I do to Make Sure that your God say the truth for a child Bless our lives creatures of the shadows that´s enough so many lives carry me with you Cause I don't want to live this place anymore carry me with you to the promissed hell
Frozen 05:32
when you look to the skies My life seems so fine But now I see my soul is falling free, you smile, don't cry cause all the pain is gone my life has just begun hey look at me , yes me my eyes are closed but finally my mind is open Estrofe 1 A pray for a sign a cross for a mind and money for the truth I see the truth oh god I'm felling a hole in my soul as a man who doesn't live Pré alone i hear many whispers from where, I don't know i'm afraid from the creatures in the corner i'll go crazy, please talk with me Refrão in time of prayer these gods are fake we´re allied open your eyes mind's free, mind's freeze and learn to see all our souls can be stronger estrofe 2 fight with strenght against the damned fight for all souls that are lost in this land trying to scape from this hell i can see in the deep of memories all the pain that i'll have to live and my soul will be free Refrão Parte C Solo When you look to the skies My life seems so fine refrão 2x
Believe 04:18
Believe verse1 i see in my dreams the past of my life as flashes in my mind seated in my fading throne cryin my mistakes pré what i say what i think don't believe in other minds the time will show you who's right refrão believe i'm alive i wanna hold you take you in my arms and protect you verse let's recover the lost time i know i made mistakes the fault was not all mine i see in my dreams the past of my life pre refrão


released July 5, 2019


all rights reserved



Trend Kill Ghosts São Paulo, Brazil

Formed in the beginning of 2018 by Rogério Oliveira (electric guitar) and Diogo Nunes
(vocalist), having the idea of returning to the roots of Power Metal.

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